I said yes: the repartee

You say to-ma-to, I say to-may-to.

I made this spur of the moment response video after the proposal. Shared it on Facebook and was thoroughly chuffed by the slew of comments we received. Among my favourites was a line from C who called it my “comeback video”. Hilarious.


Will you marry me please?





The engagement story

A lot of friends have asked me about our engagement story, so here it is.

Heng and I have been seeing each other for more than two years now, and marriage has been on the cards, but the proposal did come as a complete surprise.

I’m part of a closely-knit church community and every month, I lead a small group to present and share our journeys of faith with the rest of the congregation.

That's me right there, still blissfully unaware of what was to come.

After all had been said and done, I was preparing to return to my seat when our Sunday host told me to stay. There was a video they had prepared for me. It did cross my mind for a fleeting moment that it was a little bit early on in the year for a “leader appreciation” sort of thing, but there wasn’t much time to deliberate, because by then the lights had dimmed.


Still hadn't a clue at this point.


When it was just starting to dawn on me what was actually happening.

It really took me quite a while before it began to really sink in what was actually happening. And it couldn’t have been a better video – and an even better and more happy surprise – when I realised all our close friends were a part of this!

I was totally blown away.

Heng would later tell me he had considered popping the question when we went on a retreat to a Japanese ryokan in Hepburn Springs last Christmas but decided against it. He had thought about bringing me out to a romantic dinner but then thought it was too cheesy. He thought about hiring a jet to write the words “Will you marry me” in the sky, but then dismissed the idea.

And then he came upon this one.

This was an unconventional setting for a proposal, but it was befitting. I’ve grown up with this church community since I was 17, and many have journeyed with me through my adolescence and into my adulthood, through my numerous courtships, breakups and heartaches, and most significantly, seen me through the passing of my father when I was 21.

It was wonderful to share such a special moment with my community – and to witness the tears rolling down the faces of those who have held me so dear to their hearts –  till now, still overwhelms me and makes me choke up with emotion.


The boy hiding in a corner at the back of the room before the proposal.
The boy’s grand masterplan unfolding nicely before me.
Thinking to myself, “Oh my God, this is it!”
You can’t hear it, but the whole community was cheering by this point, haha!

There were plenty of things to laugh about on the day too. Funny fact #1: People sitting in the congregation actually teared up more than I did. I was still reeling from the surprise that I didn’t have time to get all teary. Funny fact #2: Heng was so nervous he actually put the ring on my right hand instead of the traditional left.

The proposal!

The boy's all serious now.


I said yes!



And that was it! Thanks everyone for sharing this moment with us!

PS – Photos courtesy of Shing and Aun who were all armed and ready with their cameras to capture the moment… and an especially big shout out to Hsu En who patiently helped Heng Khuen put the video together. Love you all heaps!