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I’ve taken some baby steps into this whole wedding planning thing, much thanks to “little K”, my twin (not really, though we look incredibly alike and laugh the same way, like very similar things and love to eat and drink the very same things). She’s super fashionable, possesses impeccable taste, is a shopaholic and a voracious reader – all the characteristics you want in someone who’s helping to plan your wedding, yay!

Big K and small k. Do we look alike or what? We've even got Facebook fooled!

I’m liking the direction she’s pointing me towards (i.e. away from all things over-the-top and super cheesy), and here are some of the blogs which I’ve seen and loved:


A Cup of Jo

Joanna Goddard is a magazine writer and blogger in New York, who has been wonderfully inspirational in her attitude towards preparing for her wedding. There was a beautiful sweetness about it all, and so personal, meaningful and pretty. I hope our wedding can have the same spirit about it.

Cup of Jo by Joanna Goddard, came recommended by little K.

Oh, and it’d also be worth mentioning that her wedding was in 2009, and she’s since had a baby boy… which has been the fuel for a lot of her current posts. So all you mummies reading this, you should check her out too!


Polka Dot Bride

Polka Dot Bride has also been a lot of fun. What I like most about it is that it’s an Australian wedding blog, so you can go further than oohing and aaahing about everything and actually look up stockists and services that are near you (though the blog does feature weddings from stateside and elsewhere from time to time as well).

Polka Dot Bride. Super love this one where the couple converted a barn into their reception venue. And how simple and unfussy was her dress?

Also like the fact that the brides and grooms featured aren’t the cookie cutter straight off the runway stick-thin and perfectly chiselled model type. They have so much personality, like this Queensland wedding where the bride drives down the aisle in a Vespa.

It’s a great reminder that the aisle’s not a runway and women don’t have to be obsessed about being perfect. As a friend once remarked some years back when she prepared for her wedding – you should wear the dress and not let the dress wear you.

There’s also a section for DIY wedding projects. Cute.


The Crafty DIY Bride

More DIY ideas from Mel, the Crafty DIY Bride. There are plenty of projects to try out… some projects even come with free printable templates.

Fun ones I’ve come across include save the date tags, wedding pinatas, recipes for baking your own wedding cake, and umm, even up-do’s for your hair.

The Crafty DIY Bride teaches you the art of homemade.


Design Sponge

Okay, so Design Sponge isn’t a wedding website strictly, but who says inspiration needs to come from a single source?

I was actually really blown away by this one post in particular – where the bride actually picked up her dress for $5 dollars (?!?!) at a recycling shop where you paid for your buys by weight.

Though not a wedding website strictly, there are plenty of cool design ideas from Design Sponge.


So there, this is as much “research” I’ve done since getting engaged. We haven’t set a date yet, but planning to hold it sometime early next year. I hope that’s enough time for us to sort everything out. Meanwhile, if there are websites or resources etc that you know, please send them my way, either by email, Facebook, Twitter, or simply in the comments section below!

With love, K



  1. I always get lost in this site:

  2. thank you SO much for including me! i’m so flattered. i also love Once Wed. congratulations! xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely words!


  1. […] Purchase a wedding organiser and some magazines for some inspiration. Check, except the “purchasing” a wedding organiser bit – who needs one when you have awesome girlfriends and a great community you can rely on for help? Also, see Oh-so-cute wedding blogs. […]

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