The wedding checklist

I have been looking around for a wedding checklist/planner to get us organised, and came across this one by Bride Online which I’ve found rather helpful. It’s a month-by-month countdown to the day with tick boxes to check off. They assume you are planning about a year in advance, by the way, including the engagement.

There’s a more comprehensive list available in Excel format, but you’ll have to join (free) their “Bride to Be Club” to be able to download that.

Does anyone have a better checklist/timeline that we can use?

Anyhoo, this is the 11 months checklist, and what we have or haven’t done so far.

  • Arrange for both families to meet and celebrate if possible. OMG, this didn’t even cross my mind! We live in Melbourne, and our families are in Malaysia and Singapore, so this will have to wait.
  • Purchase a wedding organiser and some magazines for some inspiration. Check, except the “purchasing” a wedding organiser bit – who needs one when you have awesome girlfriends and a great community you can rely on for help? Also, see Oh-so-cute wedding blogs.
  • Plan the engagement party for no more than 3 months from your announcement. Set a date, choose a location and decide on a guest list. Create invitations and send to guests. Record cards and gifts received and send personalised thank you notes.

Stuff I will have to get going on:

  • Decide on a wedding budget
  • Start guest list
  • Determine time frame for your wedding date. Choose a few dates that don’t conflict with other events taking into consideration that some guests may need to travel long distances.
  • Choose a colour scheme. Collect ideas and create an inspiration board including colours, themes and styles.
  • Shortlist your venues for the ceremony
  • Shortlist your venues for the reception
  • Book ceremony venue and record payment in your budget planner
  • Book venue and record payment in your budget planner