We’ve found a venue!

And so wedding preps have finally begun in earnest – and not quite in the organised fashion we had anticipated.

We had originally planned to have the wedding early next year, but have brought it forward to December 10 so more of our friends here in Melbourne can attend, and because of the venue we will be using.

To be honest, the Stones of the Yarra Valley was the first venue we came across, and we loved it so much, we didn’t really bother looking anywhere else.

This is the sweet little chapel we would love to be wed:

And here’s a sneak peak inside “the barn” where the reception will follow (we’re planning on a luncheon):

As it turns out, settling the venue and paying the deposit was the easy part. But there’s plenty more yet to do as I’ve discovered. I followed Sam’s advice and made us of Martha Stewart’s online planning tools to help me get organised, and it is really good. So ladies, take note.

That’s all from me now, and I promise to post soon about my wedding dress shopping experience and other stressors.