About the boy + photobook ideas


The birthday book I made for the boy's 30th last year.

Was reading Cup of Jo about the birthday book she recently created for her dad’s 60th, and it reminded me of the one I created for Heng Khuen’s 30th last year.

I compiled stories he had written through the years on his personal blog, from childhood memories to teenage hangups, highschool crushes, medical school, and reflections on family, friendships and work-life.

I used blurb.com to put it together, on recommendation of a friend – and I thought the book layouts were great. It was also easy to use, and fairly intuitive for first-timers.

Your friends can preview and browse the book online, and order it if they wish. Pretty cool, huh?

Here are a couple of pages from my labour of love:

Which has gotten me thinking – some sort of a coffee-table book like this may be a great idea for compiling our engagement and wedding photos.

Whatcha reckon, hon?